The Good-For-You-Pasta!

24g protein, 11g fiber, 1/2 the net carbs of traditional pasta

All natural

No additves, no-gluten, non-GMO

Not Just Guilt-Free...Healthy!

Just two ingredients

Organic beans & purified water

Healthy, guilt-free pasta!

Our delicious & healthy pastas are made with just 2 ingredients: organic beans and purified water. Taste and feel the difference!

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Certified organic

High in fiber



Traditional or gluten-free pasta, has very little nutritional value whatsoever and added protein sources are needed for a complete meal. Bellabondonza Bean Pasta or “Protein Pasta” contains all the Protein you need. In addition, it is high in iron and calcium.

More and more consumers are shifting away from gluten. Wheat is high in gluten and traditional pasta is a gluten-heavy food. Gluten related allergies are on the rise and many consumers simply feel better when excluding gluten from their diet. Unfortunately, most traditional “gluten free” pastas still have very high carbohydrate content and few nutrients. Bellabondonza Bean Pasta has a completely different nutrient profile.

In recent years, dietary advice and guidelines have shifted towards carbohydrate restriction. Normal pasta contains 75% carbohydrates, of which 3% are fiber, resulting in a net carbs of 72%. Bellabondonza Bean Pasta has no less than 20% fiber, and a net carb content of just 15-20%.

Traditional pasta has only 13% protein, thereby requiring additional protein, such as meat sauce, for a full meal. Bellabondonza Bean Pasta contains all the protein you need, a whopping 44%, which makes it a perfect meal served with just a delicious sauce alone. 

When consuming sugar or carbohydrate rich foods, blood sugar increases. GI (Glycemic Index) is a measure of the blood sugar impact of foods. Many diets restrict blood sugar swings, such as GI, Paleo, Atkins and LCHF. Many diabetics are also trying to reduce blood sugar through diet. Bellabondonza Bean Pasta has a low blood sugar response thanks to its lower carbohydrate profile and due to its “Resistant Starch” content.

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