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Our Story

At BellaBondonza, we love pasta. But as nutrition science evolved, we became all too aware that, sadly, traditional wheat-based pasta just isn’t healthy. Not only does it lack nutritional content, its high starch content and glycemic load have dangerous effects on the body. And “alternative” pastas don’t perform much better. Whole wheat pastas, gluten-free pastas, etc. may be slightly healthier on some measures, but they are still high-carbohydrate, low-nutrition, low protein foods that are anything but healthy…

So we set out to create a truly healthy pasta. And after years of research and formulation, our Sweden-based team of scientists were able to create exactly that. A pasta that you can  feel good about eating!

We have been absolutely thrilled by the customer reaction. Every day we receive thanks and testimonials from customers who love our products. We are so proud to be helping our customers stay healthy and happily fed!

Bon appetito!


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